A Little Romantic Scenery

Anon GateI am a romantic woman. I like dances, candy (chocolate) and I love roses. Especially red. And I absolutely adore finding nice romantic, scenic spots in Second Life, even if I am exploring them alone. The more beautiful the scenery, the better. And the more private little hiding places thrown in for a romantic date or getaway, the better too. Every girl loves romance and I am one of them. So today I went in search of the perfect spot for couples or singles to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature and all around beauty and found a nice set of sims starting with Annon, the Gate. Don’t forget to grab the notecard from the rock near the landing point. There are landmarks for each of the sims and a short description for each.

Destination Guide listed this place with this description: On one island of this “Arcipelagus,” enter a monastery skirted by waterfalls. On another island, peruse a mystical tower dogged by rumors of a dance club in the basement. After you’re done here, head southward to Athan for more mystical sightseeing.

Snapshot_001They weren’t kidding. This place is full of mystery, romance and beauty. It’s perfect for a solo exploration or a date with someone special. There was even a secluded spot with dance balls and private enough for a little cuddle or two. Then around the corner from the hidden romance, was a place with piers and a small waterfall for fishing. You could do Yoga on the pier or sit under the tree. I went solo this time, but there was couples poses in the places I found to sit. Don’t worry, the poses were PG, but still nice. I hope one day to go back with someone special and share in the beauty of the place.

I only visited a few of the sims, but there was so much more than what I found. I discovered a small lagoon with a pirate ship and there was a village on the other side of the same sim. There was a row boat with oars for couples to ride around in. I rode around on the rowboat for almost an hour, I was enjoying myself so much. The beauty of the place just swept me away. Below is the slideshow for my adventure today.

Anon Gate Gallery

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