About Lizzy

Hello, I am Lizzy. I am many things to many people. Daughter, sister, friend, lover, but above all I am me. I am busy exploring who I am and finding my niche and independence. To my SL parents, I am daughter. I am the daughter of Lord and Lady Morath and Alaina Landfall of the The Noble House of Landfall. I am sister to Hermione Highwater and Rhapsody Kenyon. I am also niece to Army.

I am an artist, writer, trekkie, love star wars and watch way too much T.V., but above all, if I count you as family, cherish it as it takes a long time for me to count anyone as family.

Amazing pictures done for the Hope Photography Exhibit for Relay for Life of Second Life. Photographer is my friend Tempest Rosca.