Ahoy, Matey!

A few days ago, I had gone exploring through SL again and landed at the Pirate sim, Tattered Sails, which I had found in the Second Life search feature. It was an amazing build with a lot of hidden places and even had an underwater habitat. When I first landed, there was a building with a lot of freebies, but the most important was the information boxes that you needed for either roleplay on the sim or exploring. With the help of a good Samaritan, I was able to be set up in no time, with my costume, group, notecards, and so on, before going off to explore the sims. According to the person I talked to, the owners are contemplating putting an adult area for Capture and Roleplay, if you are into that. I like capture and roleplay because you have to rp your way out of it and it can create some very intense rp situations. Some of these places are violent and contain rape rp so be warned before you go to them. One day I’ll write a post about my experience at a Capture sim…Anyway, dressed in my pirate gear, I headed off to explore the sims, below is my slideshow and information for visiting Tattered Sails roleplay sim.

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