Amazon River in Second Life


Since my last trip had me going to an event that was pretty much shopping and not much else, I decided to explore another Destination Guide location. I chose one in the wilderness category called Amazon River. This place is phenomenal. It is made up of eight sims basically replicating the Amazon in South America. There are traps and wild animals, tribes in the wilderness and even Mama Alpha people. Be warned: Before exploring you need to be aware that these are Adult sims so you may run into Adult situations. Be sure you have your role play limits in your profile somewhere and go in with a guide if this is the first times you are exploring. Other than that, have fun! It’s breathtaking and gorgeous.

When I first landed at the safe zone, it was bit overwhelming. There were so many people there so at first it was very laggy. After things rezzed in and settled down, things were pretty much good from there. They had Amazon Supporters, who basically answer questions and guide you around when you first land. They’ll take you around and show you the ropes of how the rp works and explain rules, etc. My guide explained to me that once you are involved more and decide to rp in the Amazon more, you can seek out an Amazon Seeker who will test you and guide you into becoming a permanent fixture in the community. Until then you can’t do any quests and whatnot. Those are reserved for people who are permanent fixture of the community. Pay attention to everything in chat and follow the guide’s advice, you should be fine. Many thanks to my guid, Amazon Supporter BobRobertAllen Resident, for showing me around Amazon this afternoon.

I landed at the landing point, which turned out to be the safe zone for Amazon where you can gather your bearings and adjust to the theme of the community if you wish. I went in wearing a skirt and light jacket with heels, but if I go back, I may put on a Amazon costume. In chat, I saw text telling me to click a banner for step 1 and another banner for step 2 before heading out.

The text also suggested starting with a boat ride around the sims before going into the jungle. It took a bit to find the banner for step one since things didn’t rezz in fast enough. It is directly behind you after you rez in completely. These sims are beta tested for the new Experience feature in SL. Sign one gave me experience keys and a notecard explaining what the experience feature was. It allows you to experience the dangerous of the Amazon jungle more realistically than if you just rp it out. After I selected the sign one, I clicked on sign two which attached a hud to my viewer. It’s a little bird at the top of the screen which when you click it gives you several options. I was told locations was one of them most important as it will give you options to go places in the sims. Be warned some parts of the sims are off limits to new people and only available to people of certain ranks in the rp community. In order to see them, you would have to talk to the seeker.

After I got into the boat with my guide, we started down the river. He explained how there were wild animals in the water like alligators and snakes that can and will bite you. An alligator knocked us out of our boat and ate me alive! I was sent to a recovery place for a period of time before I was allowed back in, but I broke my hud so had to get a new one before we could continue. I didn’t get to see any, but he told me there were tigers and other dangers in the jungle which will kill you. There are also several tribes in the jungle. Some of them are peaceful, but there are some who are combative and will capture you. He cautioned me against going into the jungle alone. If my readers decide to go into the jungle, take a guide with you.

Below is the slideshow of my visit. I haven’t seen all eight sims, but from what I can see, they are breathtaking. Whoever built them did an amazing job. The wilderness literally took away my breath and left me speechless for a period of time.

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