Amiville Colorado, Old West RP

Final post for the night: Amiville Colorado, Old West RP. I first looked at Amiville a couple days ago when I was out exploring different RP opportunities in the Victorian Era. At that time, I was limited on time so I ended up leaving and coming back today. When you land for the first time, you will find yourself on a big grassy platform with shops. There is a building off to the side (follow the arrows) that will lead you in to a cave. From there, you can find free clothing for men and women, even some weapons, if you want them. There is a stage coach with two signs, one is for members who rp there regularly and the other is for people who are new and would like to join. If this is your first visit, you need to chose the option “to join” to take you to the joining area. Follow the long hallway down in to a cave, where you will find signs with greeter pictures on individual online status indicators and some more free gear to help you with your rp needs. When I arrived, I didn’t realize there was a need to talk to a greeter. I was unable to find the sign with the rules notecard, but after a relog or two, I found it on one of the panels. Make sure you read the rules, there are a lot of them…also after I found out I need to contact a greeter, no one responded. I assume they were either afk or too busy to help a new person. If you run in to this problem, you have the option to do what I did: Grab an OOC tag and start searching in maps for the different sims around. I chose one and started exploring. Above all, the sims are nicely done. The theme and era is kept on par and there were people around….sort of. I found a lot of people, but only six or seven were actual people. The sim seemed to be full of bots dressed in western gear…which isn’t a bad thing, unless you are seeking to speak to a greeter or you want to rp. Other than these small snafu’s, I enjoyed my time wondering around looking at the great builds and pretty scenery. Maybe another time, there would be more people roleplaying, but the time that I chose, seemed to be bare. Either way, have a look at the pictures I took. Limo listed below.


Amiville Colorado

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