Attack on Pinastri

I had a very big weekend. On Saturday, the roleplay I have been waiting weeks to participate in took place at Pinastri Colony in United Federation Starfleet. It was fun…amazing, a blast. The following is the log I posted on the forums and then of course a very short slideshow of images since I was unable to get many due to my location in the rp. In short, the rp was about an attack on Pinastri by a race of beings called the Klinganians, a cross breed of Klingons and Organians, but we didn’t know this at the time. All we knew was that a race of something with “Klingon” DNA were attacking the colony. They were attacking anything Federation for their exile from Klingon territory by their father. It was a very well thought out rp and very well written by Fleet Captain Teresa Firelight, who spent weeks planning it.

I play a science officer in the fleet stationed on the USS Shogun, one of the ships of the line, captained by Captain James Killian, so I was stationed in the command bunker with him and command staff working hard at finding any information on the hostile invasion force and monitoring casualty reports. Science is still a bit new for me so I needed a little guidance along the way. They managed to capture one of the alien hostiles for study which had me transporting to the infirmary where one was being confined for study. Scans and the overwhelming urge for an ice cream cone later, I discovered that they were, indeed, a cross between Klingons and Organians (the almost omnipotent race from TOS). No other information has been discovered…yet! But the players are having fun discovering and playing the story out.

United Federation Starfleet
Command Center and Partially in the Infirmary- Pinastri Colony
Lt. Commander Lizzy Landfall, Asst Science Chief, USS Shogun

Summary of Events:

Lizzy stalked into her quarters, pulling the wrapper off the end of her braid and shaking it loose. She pulled her boots off one at a time, tossing them into the corner with her dress heels, before pulling off her uniform, revealing minor bruises over her left side where the enemy had hit her with a beam before they were pushed back from the entrance to the Command Center earlier, then the shaking of the ship making matters worse. She looked down at herself, glaring and muttering about stupid alien invaders and their bad timing. Leaving her uniform on the floor, she moved into her room, opening the closet, pulling out a soft dress and flat shoes. She was ready to relax now that the worst of it was over. Calming herself before she went to get her daughter, she didn’t want to scare the little minion any more than she already was and she had one more duty to perform before she went to relieve the babysitter.

Anger filling her voice, green eyes flashing, she snapped out:

==/== Computer Begin Log ==/==

The USS Shogun received a call for aid at Pinastri Colony who was under attack by unknown adversaries. When we arrived, a command center was set up in the old Stargate Room, where the command staff and science divisions was stationed to monitor the surrounding battle. We could hear the phaser fire in all around us, but couldn’t see anything as we were under ground. I was stationed with command in the bunker scanning the colony as thoroughly as possible for any information on the attackers.

Preliminary scans showed the race to be an ancestor or closely related to Klingons, but it wasn’t until one of the hostiles was captured that we discovered they were a relative of the incorporeal race, Organians. It has been well over a century before anyone had heard from the Organians so this was a big surprise to the research team. We were also inundated by the strange desire for food when we got closer to the captive. We do not know why at this time, but from reports that came in, the race has some kind of mental ability that can force people to do things or at least influence them to do them. More research needs to be done on the captive to discover who they are and why they’re here by Security (interrogation) and science and medical to discover their physiology. Without more research, there is no way around their close range manipulation. While we were researching the alien, the battle was raging on the surface. Many casualties and fatalities resulted today from the invasion, one of which was our captain, who was taken by one of the hostile invaders and tortured. His injuries are extensive. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery.

On a personal note, the babysitter kept my daughter out of harm’s way while we were in battle and made sure she was in a safe zone on the ship. She is a little shaken up but not the worse for wear. She’ll bounce back fast with lots of care.

==/== Computer End Log ==/==

Being in the thick of things, I was unable to get more pictures, but you can see more pictures can be found on Photobucket taken by one of the sim owners and the Commandant of Starfleet Academy, Commodore Rosine Hinkel. She got some amazing pictures of the event. Enjoy!

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