Tonight, I didn’t feel like socializing. I wanted to be alone for awhile. Not only have I been going through some personal stuff, but I’ve also been sick, so I just wanted some peace. I chose Baja Bay from the SL Destination Guide. The description and picture looked peaceful enough, so I got dressed in comfortable clothing and took off to explore. When landing, I immediately hit lag due to my graphics card being old. Be prepared to hit the same thing if you are on an older system. Even with my struggles, it was an amazing setup. At first, I thought there was only the one sim, but it turned out to be three sims next to each other set up as islands that had beach huts, lighthouses and various places to sit and enjoy the scenery. I started out sitting on the pier looking out to sea, but soon made my way around the different beaches until I found a campfire with seating around it. I sat next to the campfire looking out to the pier for almost an hour before my computer decided I had enough. Even with the lag, I will be returning in the future. The slideshow is below. Enjoy!

Baja Bay

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