Candy Faire 2015


Today I decided to look through Destination Guide for a new place to explore that I’ve never been to before. I found under Events, Candy Faire 2015. I have been in SL since 2009, but I’ve never heard of this faire. But then again, I was so busy a few years ago, it’s not any wonder I hadn’t heard of it. So I took off and went exploring this Candy Faire. It turns out it is similar to Hair Faire and Fashion for Life where several designers get together to hold a faire in hopes of people coming by and spending their money. While I didn’t have any money, I did see a lot of designers that I want to revisit later and the décor of the faire was amazing.


When you land for the first time, you land in a small garden area closed off by a gate in front of you. There are sponsor signs around you and a sign to join the group for the Faire. I’m out of room for groups so I decided to just ignore the group signing up and moved on to exploring. After I rezzed in all the way, I went through the gate into a magical land of candy from chocolates to the sugar kind. The décor for the faire was phenomenal.

The Faire was set up into several cool rooms, each with a specific theme and look. I think my favorite was the chocolate room but then again, I am a chocoholic and that room is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. To get to the chocolate room, you have to go through the awesome candy garden which was full of gacha machines and other goodies. The whole event was well done. I saw designers like EverGlow and Exposeur, but there were many that I didn’t recognize and were new to me. And more than a few I plan on visiting in the future.

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