Celebrating our Veterans

Today is a day of remembrance and celebration of my family and friends who have served or have died serving in the military. I come from a military family. My dad was U.S. Army for 26 years and Marines for 6 years, serving two tours in Vietnam and many in Korea over his service. All of my uncles, my grandfather on my mom’s side and my brother have served at one time or another in the Navy, Army and Air Force. On Sunday, I went to the SL Veterans Tribute, which will be set up until November 13th.

The Tribute itself is non-political and serves one purpose and one purpose only and that is to honor all the men and women that have given willing of their time to protect the lives we enjoy today. The goal of the Tribute is to provide a non-political, content filled, educational, interactive SIM inside Second Life where men and women of all walks of life can visit and provide remembrance and honor to those who have served in the Armed Services.

It was a beautiful sim and tribute. Below is my slideshow of my visit. If you go, be sure to stop to pick up a poppy to wear and a rose to place at the wall. God bless our troops…

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