Death Valley MC

The first part of my day started out with spending time with some friends playing greedy again. But then I was left alone on a beach pondering things which wasn’t good right now. Left to think too much and your mind comes up with all kinds of shit, so to distract myself a little, tonight I decided to go for another ride. It’s amazing how relaxing and distracting riding around a track can be. Pretty much because you’re concentrating on not falling off the tracks at some of these places. I did a search for tracks and found one that looked interesting. The Death Valley MC was the track I chose to go to ride. I bounced around a lot because I was lagging, but as I stated in an earlier post, my graphics card really sucks right now. The tracks are set up in a desert to simulate Death Valley. Anyway, the slide show can be found below.

[fshow photosetid=72157662631339259]

SURL: Death Valley MC

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