Deezul Raceway for Motorcycles

Yesterday, I was all set to go out on a Breezy ride with the Breezy Riders in SL, but SL wouldn’t cooperate and ate the track at the place we were gong on our rideout. I ended up leaving early and going off to do something else. But later, after SL stopped acting up, I went for a ride (clothed this time) at the Deezul Raceway. The track is interesting. It’s set up like a freeway so the road is wider than some other tracks I’ve tried lately. I found the teleport tunnels useful and the arrows pointing the way you’re supposed to ride was useful. I still managed to get lost or turned around several times, which is nothing unusual. I will put the landmark for this track in my MC tracks folder for future rides. Below is my slideshow of my ride and the surl to get to the track. Enjoy!

[fshow photosetid=72157663758031351]

SURL: Deezul Raceway for Motorcycles

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