FaMESHed 5th Anniversary

This round of FaMeshed was the 5th anniversary of the event and they had a contest to celebrate. I entered on the off chance that I’d have some kind of chance so wish me luck. For my picture I went to Cape San Blas beach in SL and used some of my new toys that I got on pay day for photography. I finally got Animare system which turns out to be this amazing tool to help make adjustments to poses without having to redo the whole pose in an animation program. You can even create a brand new pose with the system from scratch, export it and reimport it as a bvh file! It was well worth the money. The next hud I want to get is the Pose Anywhere hud so I can take pictures of Daddy and me on location. I have to save up for that one though since it is way too expensive for me right now. Anyway, here is my entry for the contest. I figure even if I don’t make it, I have learned another new tool for photography in SL and had some fun while I was at it.

Fameshed 5th Anniversary Contest - Lizzy Gracemount
Thoughts for the Day:

I keep thinking about why people make assumptions about the lives of others, especially when you have friends who just need to talk or need an ear. It’s hard when you express a concern about someone and then the response to that concern is “Oh she’s cheating” or “Oh he’s cheating.” Sometimes, Folks, it’s nothing more than being upset at something or avoiding pressures from your main. My SL dad says we can blame talk shows like Murray, Springer and Cheater for the mindset that we find when people automatically assume shit they shouldn’t be. The invasive people from those shows and the drama. He’s right. It reminds me of the meme about assumptions and how appearances aren’t always what they seem. So the next time you see someone go alt, don’t automatically assume they are doing so for bad reasons. They could be escaping pressures from their main, building in peace or even escaping from someone they don’t want to chat with. I do that. Sometimes I will go alt just to escape the pressures on my main or because someone won’t leave me alone. It’s not a bad thing and most of the time I am standing in our bedroom chattering away with the special friends or Daddy on my alt. And I asked Daddy his view on it, who said that there are many reasons someone would go alt or even have two avatars online at the same time up to and including escaping from stuff. So, I go back to the old saying, “Assumptions make an ass out of you and me.” When people automatically assume someone is up to no good, most of the time that writes the story doesn’t it?  Never assume, always verify. Never assume someone is up to no good when they go alt. And certainly NEVER tell a friend that you suspect cheating if you have literally no proof. To do so plants a seed in their head, causes them pain and drama, especially if they confront their partner with no proof based on your assumptions and the seed that you planted.  Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day based on something I’m seeing a friend of mine go through in one of my blogging groups and a lesson I’m learning by observation. As always, information on outfit and location can be found below.

My avatar:
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.7
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
IKON Spectral Eyes – Coffee
TRUTH / Cheri

My outfit:
Addams // Dolores Short w/ Belt // Maitreya
Garbaggio // Danielle Accessories – Platinum (Fameshed May)
Garbaggio // Danielle Bag – Black (Fameshed May)
LaGyo_Meyza Rings – Silver (Fameshed May)
neve top – twist (Fameshed May)
PL Elegance Collar (Custom Made by Penney Lancaster, not for sale)
[Z O O M] Eilla Glasses (Fameshed May)

Location: Cape San Blas Beach is a nice, quiet peaceful place to surf and enjoy the sun modeled after Maoli, Tahiti.

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