Fashion for Life, 2016

This year my store, Cosmic Temptations Fashion and Play, is participating in the Relay for Life megaevent, Fashion for Life, thanks to the generosity of Nevar Lobo, for which I am extremely grateful. I have wanted to participate in Fashion for Life since I had my first store, Lavish Living by Lizzy. This years themes were honoring various social communities and genres from a tribute to the Beatles to honoring David Bowie. My store is on the Beatles sim, which is totally wild and awesome, but the best out of all the sims this year is the David Bowie sim! That one was by far the most impressive followed by the Narnia and then Beatles sim. All of the sim were amazingly done and beautiful. Below is my slideshow of my exploration today and the information on how to find Fashion for Life in Second Life. Enjoy!

[fshow photosetid=72157665445682141]

Website: (SURLS for each store can be found under Cast in the menu bar)

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