Galaxy Fleet Command Adventure

Snapshot_001Today, I was in the mood for Star Trek™ so I decided to go exploring for other Trek sims that I haven’t been to before or it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I chose Galaxy Fleet Command this time since there are so many sims. The first sim I landed at was GFC headquarters. When I first landed, I wasn’t sure where I was at. It had been over a year since I came to this sim doing any kind of exploring. A lot has changed. For instance, they have a monorail now that will go on all the sims and a waterfall going down the middle of the sim between the walkways. At the time of this posting, I don’t think the rail system works…and parts of the sims were in the middle of construction so watch your step.

There are four sims in all: Sovereign, Galaxy, Constellation, and Aeon. All of them were very well built and science fiction in nature. I came across a small shopping mall that I used to go to before I left SL the first time. There were also small parks and places to relax with loved ones or friends. The sandbox was a good size and free for members. Around each of the sims, you’ll see a statue which, if you click on it, will help you summon a personnel officer to help you join the GFC groups. There are several sim rules so make sure you stop to read the sign before you explore. Normal rules for Star Trek role play sims apply…i.e. no nudity, etc. Below is the information for the GFC Headquarters and the slideshow of my visit. I enjoyed the sims very much and compliment the builder. Happy exploring…

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Note: If you have any sims you’d like me to blog about and explore, pop me an email at with your suggestions and the information for your sim. See you around the grid!

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