Journey into Medieval & Fantasy Grid Crier

Snapshot_001Today I decided to go Medieval while exploring. I was looking through the Destination Guide and noticed a place called, “Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier” that advertised showing you where you can find the different role play communities, shops and Medieval locations for free stuff and exploration. So I put on one of my awesome dresses from The White Armory and set off to explore and discover something new in Second Life.

When I first landed, I rezzed in on a platform with several signs pointing you to different things like the “featured blog” and “featured sims” and so on. I clicked the sign and it gave me a webpage about the Medieval Grid Crier and a notecard with lists of information for sims and stores. Be sure to look it over before exploring the sim and hopping around the list. There is a hunt listed in the notecard so if you like hunts, be sure to look it over. I love hunts but I’m saving it for another day. Today, I wanted to explore the Medieval world of Second Life. This was a great start to my journey.

Mom and me
My awesome mamma and me

I started out on my own for the journey, but after a bit my mom joined me in the exploration. We dressed in our medieval gear and took off around the sim. By the time Dad joined us, we were pretty much ready to go home. There were a lot of nooks and crannies with different things to see and do. Some of the hiding places had stores that sold mesh items for good prices. And there was a hair store on sim where we got several medieval hairs for future journeys to other sims. What I liked the most was the store under the ground. It was like a hidden treasure trove of awesomeness. I saw several things that I wanted. Then there were the globes found in several areas on the sim that were interesting. One even allowed you to lay on top of it like as if you’re searching for something. Then there were the animals roaming around and the mer-horse carousel that was pretty cool. The whole sim was well laid out and inviting to new second life users and old users alike. All in all, this was a great day. I spent it roaming around with my mom and then dad when he logged in.


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