Lizzy’s First Adventure

Last week I was talking with a friend about creating a blog. I didn’t want to create a blog for fashion, but rather a blog about my exploration in Second Life. This is my first adventure since forming this blog a few days ago. I have been a member of the United Federation Starfleet since 2011, but I took a break from Second Life for awhile. I’m returning full time to exploring and having fun in Second Life and I chose to write about a quest roleplay put together by Kermie Mistwallow, Chief of UF Starfleet Operations for UFS. United Federation Starfleet is a international Star Trek(tm) roleplay group found both in the real world and in multiple virtual worlds, including Second Life.

The quest was to help a transporter room technician repair a transporter console. You are sent to various parts of the sim to find the supplies for the quest. It is similar to a hunt, only you roleplay your way around to get the items. This can be roleplayed in a group or you can do what I did, roleplay solo in an email format roleplay experience. At first I felt a little uncomfortable doing the solo roleplay, but after it was explained to me how I can do the roleplay solo, I had a blast. I took pictures of various parts of the roleplay along the way. Below is my roleplay experience, with images. If you like what you see of Pinastri, please feel free to stop on by and explore or talk to someone about joining United Federation Starfleet. (SURL: UFS Pinastri Colony @ Legions Cove). Enjoy!

–/–Quest begins here –/–

Lizzy teleported into the Academy transporter room at Pinastri on a bright clear day in July. She looked around the room at the signs on the wall declaring the different colleges and announcements important for visitors and students to see. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder as she approached the transporter console where a young Lieutenant was frantically mumbling, hands flying over the console.

“What’s wrong, Lieutenant?” Lizzy asked.

The Lieutenant looked up from her console startled at the interruption, and let out a frustrated groan, “Lieutenant Smith, Miss,” the lieutenant paused briefly.

“Lieutenant Commander Lizzy Gracemount. I’m just wondering around Pinastri while on vacation, Lieutenant. You look like you are having a problem. Is there anything I can help with?”

Lizzy watched a wave of relief pass over the lieutenants face as she continued, “I came on duty not five minutes ago only to find that the Transporter console and transporter are not working.”

Greeting the transporter staff

Lizzy nodded at the lieutenant encouraging her to continue with her problem.

“This is going to cause too many issues. I mean, how can I receive new visitors? How can I run my diagnostics?” the lieutenants voice rose steadily with each new list of obstacles created by this broken transporter.

Lizzy raised her hand in a calming gesture, “First, Lieutenant, take a deep breath.”

Lieutenant Smith took a deep breath and let it out, “Would you please assist in gathering the required items to repair the console. It would help me ever so much and I would not want to be stuck here with nothing to show for duty.”

Lizzy nodded and smiled, “Sure. Just tell me what you need and I’ll see if I can find the items.”

Lieutenant Smith handed Lizzy a PADD with a list of the required items and where to find them and said, “Thank you so much! Once you have all the items bring them back to me and place them on the floor we should be able to fix this thing together.”

“Sure thing,” Lizzy smiled, “I’ll be back.”

Lizzy walked away from the transporter room with the PADD in her hand, already deep in thought.

“Let’s see,” Lizzy whispered to herself as she read the list, “we need a Requisition Form, a Spanner, LCARs Screen, Wiring and a biofilter.”

She scrolled through the list reading off the notes to herself that the Lieutenant had added to help her along the way. She ordered the list in her head according to priority and decided to start with the Requisition form. From the notes the Lieutenant made, she gathered the form was located in the hospital somewhere. Strange place for a requisition form to fix a transporter, she thought to herself, but rolled with it.


She exited the transporter room at the academy to the view of Pinastri in the afternoon and had to pause to enjoy the view for a few minutes. The waves lapping against the shore was soothing as she followed the path to the hospital. The warm sea air ruffling her hair as she walked through the doors to stand just inside the structure. Listening to the normal every day activity of a hospital, she paused remembering her own time working on the Alexandria before it was decommissioned. Things had certainly changed in the last year. She had gone through a change in station, changes in relationship status, had found a new family and she had transferred from medical to science. It was a year of whirlwind events and found she missed medical a little. She was happy with her new station in life and her newest round of scientific studies on the reproductive habits of tribbles.

Stopping to enjoy the view from one of the windows in the hospital on her search for a requisition form.
Stopping to enjoy the view from one of the windows in the hospital on her search for a requisition form.

Lizzy brushed off the dust of the past thoughts that had invaded her day and turned towards the nearest staff member.

“Excuse me,” she stopped the staff member and waved the PADD slightly, “I wonder if you can help me.”

“Sure,” the staff member smiled at her, “What can I do to help you?”

Lizzy pointed to her PADD and said, “I need to find a requisition form for Lieutenant Smith in Academy. Do you happen to know where I can find one?”

The staff member pointed up towards the ceiling, “Sure. There’s a member of staff located on the third floor who can give you one.”

Lizzy smiled, “Thank you, miss,” and went to the stairs to climb to the third floor. She would have taken the Turbolift, but she needed the exercise. Each level of the hospital was a bustle of activity. Nurses and doctors going about their daily duties. Patients in their beds recovering from whatever mishap found them. She came through the last trek of stairs and walked towards a woman sitting in a chair by the window all by herself.

“Excuse me, sir,” she couldn’t see a rank so she didn’t know how to address the officer, “I was told you had a requisition form for Lieutenant Smith.”

Search for the requisition form is at an end. She was found relatively fast for such a busy hospital.
Search for the requisition form is at an end. She was found relatively fast for such a busy hospital.


The officer offered her a PADD with the requisition form and turned back to the window staring out at the surrounding landscape. Lizzy waited for her to respond, but shrugged her slender shoulders when she didn’t get any.

“Have a good day,” she turned away and went back down the stairs, slipping the PADD with the requisition form into her shoulder bag.

“Whatever,” she mumbled to herself before she pulled up the list on her PADD again. The next item on the list was a spanner located somewhere on Tranquility Station. Oh goody, she thought as she went off in search of a transporter, I haven’t been there for years.

((Time skip forward to the transporter room on the Tranquility))

The blue sparkles from the transporter faded away as Lizzy rematerialized on the Tranquility transporter pad. She ran her hand over her arms and her fingers brushed the tops of her thighs as she double checked that all of her parts were still there. She laughed at her irrational leeriness of the transporter. After all it was one of the safest modes of travel in this day and age. She stepped off the pad and approached the young officer standing behind the console.

“Hello, Ensign, I’m looking for a Spanner for Lieutenant Smith. Where might I find one?”

The Ensign looked at her for a few minutes as if her appearance had shocked him into silence. Lizzy smiled at him as she waited for his answer.

“Try in Engineering,” he responded.

Lizzy thanked the ensign and went to the Turbolift, taking it to engineering, where she found an officer attending to one of the consoles. She approached the officer and cleared her throat, showing the PADD to the officer, “Excuse me. I’m looking for a spanner for Lieutenant Smith.”

The officer looked up from whatever she was working on with a look of frustration at being interrupted. Lizzy smiled at her and waited.

Talking to a member of the Engineering staff about the spanner.
Talking to a member of the Engineering staff about the spanner.


“There’s a spanner over there,” the officer pointed to her side, “You can take that one.” She turned back to her work and tuned Lizzy out again.

Shrugging, Lizzy smiled at her and said, “Thank you for your help.”

“Yeah…Yeah,” the officer waved her away.

Lizzy shrugged again, leaving Engineering and returning to the transporter room. The spanner joined the form in her shoulder bag, as she glanced through her list to see what was next and decided to go with the wiring. The PADD said the wiring could be found in the old Stargate room. Lizzy wasn’t sure where that was so she flagged down a passing officer to ask for directions. He pointed to a corridor under the welcome center.

Standing at the entrance to the old stargate room.
Standing at the entrance to the old stargate room.



She stood in the doorway for a few minutes working up her courage to walk down the deserted hall. It was isolated, but it looked clean so she went inside. She passed the server room and stopped to admire the logo for UFS on the wall before turning towards a concrete wall with a bundle of wires on the floor.

UFS Strong logo
UFS Strong logo


She gathered them into a bundle and slipped them into her shoulder bag with the other needed supplies for safe keeping.

Leaving the deserted corridor she turned towards Club Latinum. She could hear sounds of laughter and the booming sound of music pulsating through the club. People laughing and carrying on loud conversations, dancing and above all having the time of their lives. She made a note to herself that she would have to come back before she returned home to the Shogun with her daughter.

The bartender at Club Latinum serving drinks and good cheer.
The bartender at Club Latinum serving drinks and good cheer.


She approached a woman behind the bar swaying to the music as she filled drink orders and showed her the list on the PADD, “Excuse me, Miss, do you know where I can find a LCARS screen? It’s for Lieutenant Smith in the Academy transporter room.”

She pointed to the wall behind her and shouted over the music, “There you go, darlin’! Anything else you need? Drink? Food? Dancing partner?”

Lizzy grinned at her and shook her head, “Thank you, miss. This will do nicely.”

She left Club Latinum and all its loud humdrum behind, glancing over the list again for the next item she needed to gather. Biofilter is located in the Outskirts, she thought, where is that? May have to walk around a bit to find it. Great.

She looked down at her heeled boots and short skirt and grumbled. “Well it’s too late to change now. I’ll just go get Freedom and ride over.”

((Time skip passed family stable to get my horse and start at entrance to Outskirts))

At the entrance to the Outskirts
At the entrance to the Outskirts

Lizzy sat upon her horse, Freedom, at the gate to the Outskirts of Pinastri. She wondered how dangerous it would be going out there without a way to defend herself with no weapons. She slowly advanced into the wilderness, looking around her at the raw beauty of the landscape. She paused on a bridge overlooking a pasture and saw a small, bluish barrel. She looked at it for a few minutes seeing that it had a logo on the side.

Finding the biofilter in a small pasture next to a mound of dirt and a shovel.
Finding the biofilter in a small pasture next to a mound of dirt and a shovel.


“This must be the biofilter,” she said to herself as she dismounted Freedom and approached the barrel. It looked heavy, but she knew looks could be deceiving. She leaned down and wrapped her arms around the cylinder and struggled to stand up under the bulky container. It was heavy but not so heavy she wouldn’t be able to get it back to Pinastri. After a short struggle, she managed to get it onto Freedom’s back and tied down. She mounted Freedom and began the trek back to civilization and Lieutenant Smith.

Delivering the supplies to the Lieutenant after her long trek back to civilization.
Delivering the supplies to the Lieutenant after her long trek back to civilization.



((Time skip to the Academy at Pinastri))

Lizzy brought Freedom to a stop in front of the academy transporter entrance and dismounted from Freedom. She stretched her legs out a bit working the feeling back into her hind quarters and legs. She untied the biofilter from Freedom’s back and worked it down to the ground. It was heavy and she was slight woman so it was bulky and overbalanced her.

Towards the end of her quest, getting ready to unload everything
Towards the end of her quest, getting ready to unload everything


Wrapping her arms around the biofilter she picked it up, stumbling slightly under its weight. She adjusted her shoulder bag on her slender shoulder and slowly walked into the transporter room, making her way over to the transporter console. She saw the lieutenant was standing in the same position as she was when she left her and a look of relief appeared on the lieutenants face as Lizzy approached.

She set the biofilter down before the Lieutenant and pulled the other pieces out of her bag, placing them on the floor next to her. She glanced at the lieutenant as the frantic officer seemed to calm down and looked everything over.

“I believe this is all of it, Lieutenant Smith,” she said as she rolled her shoulders and tried to work the kinks out of her shoulders from carrying the biofilter.

The lieutenant smiled widely as she looked it all over and began assembling the pieces together to repair the transporter in the Academy.

“Thank you, Commander! Thank you,” she said.

Lizzy smiled down at the lieutenant as she sat on the floor putting the pieces together, “I’m glad to help. Is there anything else I can help with before I go back to exploring Pinastri?”

The lieutenant laughed, “No….this is perfect. Thank you.”

“In that case, I’ll leave you to it, Lieutenant. Have a good day.”

Lizzy smiled one last time before she turned away and walked out of the transporter room. She looked around her at the bright, sunny day on Pinastri and breathed in the sea air and went back to her exploration. She was glad she could help, but it was time to return to the hotel and feed her baby.

— And thus ends the first adventure of Lizzy’s Grand Adventure.

Thank you, Kermie, for coming up with this fun event. This was a good idea and I look forward to more quests from you in the future.

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