Lizzy’s Gor Adventure

The Gorean roleplay in Second Life isn’t for everyone. There are parts of Gor community that is hard to swallow for some people, including myself, but last night I decided to explore a little bit and see what the allure is. I had met some very nice people while walking the track for Relay for Life from the Goreans for Life team and I have a few new friends who are into the lifestyle. For them it is a lifestyle complete with codes and regulations for each type of role and so on. It is a man’s world on a planet with the survival of the fittest exists and you have to fight to survive. There are tough situations found in Gorean roleplay sims from extreme violence against men and women to rape during raids. There are also sims who have no force collaring and/or rape allowed. There is a little bit of everything found in Second Life for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding them. For me, I tended to feel more comfortable on sims that didn’t allow force collaring and gave you choices what you want to play over a sim who could or would collar you for standing at the landing point too long reading the millions of notecards they hand out to newcomers.

I had read it was better to visit sims like this as a Freewoman, so I put on my medieval gear and took off going from place to place. I visited sims like Tor and Malestorm, finally ended up at City of Rovere, and Thentis (where I was almost collared for wearing Earth clothes), but more about that later. I learned fast that you must be prepared, even when visiting, because some of the sims have different types of rules than what I am used to. I had been to Gor sims in the past, but I went in as a kajira and didn’t like it very much. When I went in a few years ago with my ex, it was overwhelming and I didn’t understand things. I still don’t get the allure of being a slave in Gor unless it is for the sex. To me, it seems that playing a Freewoman in Gor would be more challenging, but what do I know…I barely have any contact with Gor and what little experience I had wasn’t favorable for the most part with the exception of an old friend who was good at explaining things…Of course, it’s been years so I have pretty much forgotten everything he ever taught me. (Sorry, Harvz)

First, before you do any kind of exploring in Gor, I learned one vital lesson: Have a backstory prepared. Some of the cities don’t have OOC, others will rp with you to an extent. If you go in as a woman, you need to have a backstory as to why you are there and alone as Freewomen apparently aren’t allowed to go wandering about by themselves…lesson learned! Next, you need a Gorean Meter (most of the cities have them for visitors at the landing point) and read everything at the landing before you enter any of the cities. All of them have different rules for visitors. Most of them had people around you can send an IM to for questions. Never ask OOC in local chat as that disturbs their roleplay…face it, how annoying is it to have your roleplay disturbed by someone visiting? If you have any questions, ask anyone around but send them a PM instead of in local. Finally, make sure you are dressed appropriately for the sim.

Most of them have notecards with information on how you’re supposed to look on the sim, but the general rule is: humanoid, male or female….roles are Freewomen, Freemen, Kajira or the male version of slaves, Panthers and I believe a few others. So dress appropriately. You can probably find each characters costume on the Marketplace for cheap. I got the Freewoman costume in the picture above on Marketplace for $1L. It was very well made for the price.

On the surface the Gorean roleplay seems very complicated and hard to play. There are many ways for a Freewoman to find herself collared to a Gorean man. And even more ways for you to find yourself in trouble. Several of the sims that I visited had their OOC (Out of Character) area close to the main roleplay and only gave you so much time to change into an acceptable character before they threatened to collar you. So, I highly advise going in, grabbing the notecards for whatever sim you are visiting, go home and get ready there. Only after reading everything in the folders you’re sent, go back and observe. For me, I found it was easier to visit the Gorean Campus which has a nice little library for the use of those New to Gor. There is also a group to join for new people wanting to experience Gor if they wish to do more than observe. The information for finding these cities are below the slideshow.

Gorean Campus: Start here, it will save you a ton of time and risk. It is a safe zone for people wanting to learn more. They also have classes to help teach people how to roleplay in Gorean society). Go to one of the teleporters around the sim and take it to the library. There is a wealth of information for the new player.

Gor Hub: The Gor Hub has been around since 2007. This is where you can go to see a map of all the Gorean sims available to roleplay at in Second Life. When you first land, you find yourself in a marketplace of sorts. This is a safe zone. There is no collaring, forced or otherwise, and everything extra takes place in the IM box. I didn’t receive any Ims from anyone looking to recruit, but I also didn’t talk to anyone here either. After you land and get your bearings, there’s a door right in front of you that will take you to the actual hub. It takes a long time to rez in, but once it is all the way visible, you can see everything there is to offer here. They have very good music with readings from the books. It was a good starting place to find different sims to explore. I found a sign that had more information notecards to help people learn how to roleplay in Gor.

City of Rovere : This city was absolutely amazing in structure. The landscape and builds were beautifully done. However, be very careful when visiting, it is BtB (By the Book) sim, so they have strict rules for visitors. Make sure you decide what you will be doing before you go visit and arrive dressed for the part. I landed in Earth clothing but took too long to read the notecards. I was reminded to dress before I would be collared by someone for wearing “earth clothing” on a Gorean sim. Haha

City of Tor: This sim is a no capture, no rape, no force collaring sim. This means that if you won’t find raiding here with the possibility of rape in battle. You also won’t find people going around collaring visitors just so they can get their rocks off. This sim is also very well done. It is a beautiful place with friendly people who are willing to help you get into the roleplay if you wish.

City of Thentis: The first url is for a bulletin board for the City of Thentis on the Gor-SL site. You can pretty much find just about anything on that site for any SL Gorean roleplay city you may be looking for. When you go to Thentis, don’t make the mistake that I did. I thought that the landing point was ooc so you could read the cards and get dressed, but after about 5 minutes that safe zone is no longer safe. If you go, make sure to be geared for whatever role you will be playing or possibly play before arriving. If you are a single woman and haven’t been to Gor before, I suggest going in as a Freewoman to see what it is all about before you explore in Kajira clothing. It makes it easier to get around. They require veils for women and full dress….I made the mistake of not having my hair up, but whatever, I was bound to make a mistake somewhere along the line. My biggest, and funniest, was getting caught at the landing point in “earth clothing” after five minutes and risking being collared for being out of costume. It is a beautiful build with mesh here and there, plenty of places to roleplay and consists of two sims. Read all notecards for this one as there is a lot of information to absorb before you can roleplay or explore. Discard the stuff that isn’t for you like the roleplay rules on your first visit and pay attention to the OOC visitor information. Otherwise, enjoy yourself and meet someone new.

There are many more cities for Gorean roleplay in Second Life than I originally thought. I’m sure there are more to put on this short list, but these are the cities that I made it too. Above all, remember to enjoy yourself. Even if you find yourself collared for standing too long at a landing, roleplay your way out of it and talk to the person in private about how to get out of it without disturbing their roleplay experience. The people I have met have all be very helpful so far, so someone is bound to help you out. Remember to have fun, explore, follow their rules and dress the part.