Madpea Ghost Town Game

Tonight, I was needing a little distraction and some fun, but wanted to be alone for a bit so I did a game from Madpea that a friend of mine told me about a few weeks ago. When you first land, a hud will attach itself to your interface creating an “experience” for you. As you go through the game, it will add new buttons to the hud, one for the journal and one for the ghost camera you have to use to take pictures of ghosts. The object of the game is to hunt down the ghosts of the 20 people Big Jimmy killed, including Big Jimmy’s ghost. It’s not easy to find some of those suckers, but after wandering around for awhile I managed to find them all. I’m not posting their locations here so it doesn’t ruin your fun, but I did take some pictures for the slideshow. At the end of the game, you get a key to a room with the prizes donated by some of the more popular stores like Sn@tch and Cheeky Pea (just to name a few). Anyway, see the slideshow below and the surl to get to the game. Have fun!



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