Naga Queen

Thoughts for the day:

The last few weeks I’ve been on a “staycation” after so many months of working and not having much fun. I decided that I needed a break from things and went on a vacation in pretty much everything. It’s been refreshing to not have to worry about anything but playing and spending some good quality time with Daddy. I’ve been having a lot of fun and have been able to participate in this months’ group badge with my Gurl Scout troop. Last week my team was on the Ringleader role for the Circus badges. This week we’re the “Freak Show” role. I didn’t want to do a stereotype avi because I feel that it is mean to refer to “fat people” and people who have a lot of tattoos as freaks. Singling out a whole group of people suffering from a debilitating disease is mean too. To get around this and still have fun, I created a Naga Queen from Mythology complete with the tail, serpents tongue, fins, crowns, and jewels. My blue skin is from Lumae and the makeup I am wearing is from Alaskametro. The end result is this surreal creature rising from the depths of the sea. In Greek Mythology, the Naga was the queen of Libya whose children had been murdered by Hera, wife of Zeus, after she discovered their affair. To compensate the Libyan queen, Zeus had granted her the ability to remove her eyes and turned her into a serpent woman hybrid giving her the ability to seek revenge for Hera killing her children by devouring the children of others. It is a truly grotesque story from ancient mythology that seems pretty monstrous and fitting for a “Freak Show.”

Naga Queen

Which brings me to something that has been bugging me for the last several days. I have watched some of my friends go through the hell of finding out that they had been lied to and treated like a piece of meat. It seems like a recurring story, both from my own personal experiences in the past and for them. People need to learn that Second Life, while technically a “game,” is in reality a chat community with avatars where real people reside in full communities. They live a whole life and when that is messed with by people who treat it like a game, it takes away the fun aspect of creating a life in Second Life to making it not fun and in some cases, dangerous mentally. Emotional attachments are easy to form in SL. You can love just as deeply in SL as you can in RL and just because you don’t know their RL name does not mean that they are any less “real.” This week I watched a very close family member go through hell because her partner, who she had been with for many years in SL and had developed an RL relationship with complete with plans for a future, suddenly decided he no longer wanted her and wanted to be with some girl that had come back to SL after many years away. Leading her on, treating her like she is doing something wrong, when she didn’t and more caused her a lot of pain and he is still digging it in. She is an example of what happens when someone treats SL like a game, as her ex-partner is treating her. She’s not some toy to mess with and treat like a piece of meat. She is a real, breathing person behind that avatar. She has a soul and feelings. She loves deeply and is one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever met and I am proud to call her family. And it upsets me to see her being messed with like he’s messing with her.

On a lighter note, I am looking forward to next weeks dress-up badge. Our team will be in the Clown Around role. I’m looking for a big red nose, a flower that squirts water and will get to finally wear my teddy bear hair! Good times!

My avatar:
Mesh Head: .LeLutka. Head.Simone 3.0
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Shape: [ west end ] Sue Shape (Lelutka Simone Bento Head)
Skin: Lumae :: Fable ~ River (No longer available in the store, but Lumae has many different fantasy skins similar to the one I’m wearing)
Makeup: alaskametro-muse-eyeshadow and alaskametro-onfleek-makeup-palette-for-Lelutka (red lipstick)

Naga Avatar:
Naga Tail: Devious Mind, “Lamia” Naga tail – Garter Lapis
Naga Crown: Devious Mind, NagaQueen Crown
Naga Tongue: Devious Mind, Naga Tongue Plain Serpent

Gloves: =Zenith=Berserker Gloves (Rose) (
Second Crown: Decoy – Sea Royalty Gacha: Seashell Crown (Silver) – March Lootbox
Accessory: Decoy – Sea Royalty Gacha: Trident (Silver) – March Lootbox

Pasties and Bra: Moon Elixir – Celestial Queen – 2 – Lara – Pasties – RARE ()
Moon Elixir – Celestial Queen – 6 – Lara – Bra – Sapphire

Belly Gem: Yasum Designs Belly Gem (Gacha Garden Gift)

Pose: The Stance by Tic Tic Cute! Available on SL Marketplace.

Location: The Enchanted Isle

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