Relay for Life, Second Life 2015

Instead of exploring a new location this weekend, I did something a little different. Every year towards the middle of July, I participate in Relay for Life of Second Life. It is a special time for me because of the meaning behind the relay. It reminds me of the journey that I went through with my own cancer and how I won the battle. It also reminds me that there are people who don’t win that battle and how every year the American Cancer Society hosts this event in multiple locations in the real world as well as in Second Life.

This year is particularly special for me because it will be the seventh anniversary of my cancer and being cancer free. I was diagnosed with two types of Thyroid cancer in January 2008. From July to the end of August of the same year, I had two surgeries. October of that year, I had one cycle of radiation therapy because my doctors were so good they got all of my cancer. I lost most of my hair and gained a lot of weight, but I am here. I lived. My cousin was not so lucky. He passed away not too long after my diagnosis. Below is the slide show of my celebration. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Go Relay!

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