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T'LeiraSeveral months ago, I joined an email SIMing group online. I wanted a change from the drama in SL and an escape for when I needed to get away. Starbase 118 isn’t like any other roleplay group I’ve been a part of before. It is based on the scripting style of roleplay where you rp your characters in situations and “tag” other people in the post where you want people to respond. Then the person you tag will respond in some way…sometimes their response isn’t what you had in mind, which is what makes this style of rp different from what I’m used to in Second Life. I’m pasting an excerpt from one of my sims here. The link for the Starbase is at the bottom. Enjoy!




((OOC: I’m picturing my character looking similar to with slight ridges and very long hair, greyish or hazel eyes. Just figuring out what she should look like. lol))

((T’Leira’s Quarters – Embassy))

::T’Leira finally made it to her new quarters to relax for a bit before she had to leave for duty. Her hair was feeling heavy, pulling at her scalp causing a slight headache. The headache wasn’t surprising as it had been a very long day. She had been on the move since she arrived. Her last meal was the night before so she was a bit cranky. She hissed slightly as she tossed her hair over her shoulder before pulling off her uniform jacket, revealing well-toned arms underneath. Her full breasts rising slightly with each breath, she turned to look around her quarters, taking in the newness.::

::Looking around the main room, T’Leira noticed her bags were piled in a corner by the entrance. She picked up one of the heavy bags, dragging it across the heavy carpet to the bedroom, slinging it onto the bed. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she unzipped the bag opening it to reveal clothing and personal effects. She sighed tiredly as she began pulling out several items and tossing them on the bed. A Bat’leth tournament trophy her father had won when she was young, a Vulcan robe her mother had given her just after graduation from the Academy, meditation incense and candles, replicas of IDIC and heirlooms she carried with her from place to place reminding her of home. Tossing clothes on the bed, T’Leira emptied the first bag before storing the items in their proper place and moving on to the next bag.::

::Slipping out of her clothes, she pulled on the robe with a sigh, it had been a long day and the soft fabric on her skin soothed away her anxiety, relaxing her as she hung up her clothes, putting away the little personal items in drawers and on top of the dresser. Returning to the bed, T’Leira pulled down the covers and climbed into the bed. Dragging the covers up over her tired body, she called out to the computer to turn the lights off, the rest of unpacking could be done tomorrow. ::

T’Leira: Computer, lights out.

::The room became cloaked in darkness and soon her soft breaths could be heard in the room as dreams filled her mind and her world quieted.::

((Embassy, Medical Center))

::T’Leira entered the medical center early refreshed and ready for the day. She pulled on her jacket, straightening it and smoothing wrinkles from her lab coat. Her long hair swaying softly down her back, grey eyes flashing and sparkling. Her lips pulled up in a slight smile as she came across a man in the medical center.::

Scudder: There is a matter I wish to discuss with you —

Hendon: response?

T’Leira: ::pausing next to the talking men, not wanting to interrupt their conversation.::

Scudder: ::hesitating and then with a warm smile, holding out his hand:: I’m sorry, we have not met. I’m the Embassy Counselor, Paul Scudder. ::Paul’s handshake was firm and strong.::

T’Leira: ::shakes the counselor’s hand firmly:: Ensign T’Leira…the new doctor.

Scudder: I’m happy to meet you, T’Leira. oO A Vulcan name? Paul glanced at the Ensign’s hair, wondering if indeed she had Vulcan ears. Oo Will you be joining us one one of the starships?

T’Leira: ::pulling her hair back over her ears, revealing the points and her Vulcan heritage:: Pleased to meet you. ::smiling softly:: Yes, I believe I’m assigned to USS Thunder.

Scudder: ::smiling:: Ah, I’m assigned to the Thunder as well. I imagine we will be working closely together.

T’Leira: ::Standing to the side, smiling softly with a touch of shyness at the counselor and nodding:: I’m sure.

Hendon: Response?

T’Leira: This place is big. ::pauses, before saying with a teasing smirk:: With big wildlife. A Sehlat comes to mind, Sir.

Scudder/Hendon: response?

T’Leira: Reminded me of my pet Targ.

Scudder/Hendon: response?

T’Leira: He should arrive in a few weeks. He’s with my parents at our ancestral home while he recovers from an illness.

::T’Leira smiled brightly at the men, her eyes sparkling as she talked about her pet, taking in their expressions. oO This should be interesting! Wonder what they think of a smiling Vulcan. Oo snickering internally with quite a bit of mischief.::

Scudder/Hendon: response?


Ensign T’Leira
Medical Officer
Duronis II Embassy – USS Thunder
ID number: E239304T10

Starbase 118:

T’Leira Biography:’Leira

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