Twisted Sister Mermaid Adventure


Today, my super twisted sister, Lynne, and I decided to continue exploring the magical realm of mermaids. We put on our fins and went exploring starting out at Safe Waters Foundation HQ in Union Passage. When we first landed, we had to go to a changing room to “change” into our mermaid selves. Well, I did. Lynne already had her mermaid fins. This was new to me so I had to get the gear.

I tried several fins before I found the mesh fins on Marketplace. They are nice fins and well made for so little cost. The creator did a great job making them look and feel real. You have to be careful though, with mesh, as it doesn’t always rez when you go to new sims. This adventure went over several sims underwater. I got a ton of pictures of us exploring, but I’m not putting them all on here….only the best for you.

Changing into my mermaid fins, I found out I had to adjust my shape. Since the shape I was wearing was no mod, I had to change from my normal shape to a mod shape. Below is the slideshow of our adventure. We really enjoyed ourselves and finding new hidden places under the sea.

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