UAC Medieval Faire: MacMoragh an Gabha, Lady MacAlister of Skye

Unmasking a Cure’s Medieval Faire begins in a few short days complete with shopping and events. Even a roleplay set in Sherwood forest! I am very excited and honored to be a blogger for the faire this year. It’s one of the events I look forward to every year and explore whenever I get a chance. Medieval rp is far and few in SL… at least that I can devote a lot of time to and have fun doing it. I enjoy the time period and costumes. Putting together a set to take a picture can take me hours of fun…then playing with the image in Photoshop until I have the painting just the way that I want it. Be sure you check out the action starting on May 19, 2017 and have some fun for the next several weeks!

Thoughts of the Day:

My thoughts for the day range from being entertained by having a cow and bull that I named Girl and Boy and Daddy allowed me to have to frustration that the only reason someone wants to participate in RFL is for an award in the group that I run my own team for…to having a backache from a poor bed and hard chair and probably from gaining a little extra weight lately from eating too many chips. They are my downfall after all. Pepsi is another downfall but that’s a whole other story. But the biggest thing on my mind is the issue of people only wanting to participate in RFL activities in the group so they get an award or a promotion out of it. No one should do this for an award. It’s more than getting an award in recognition of your hard work and the things that you do to further the cause. At least it is for me. For me, RFL is my giving back to my caregivers when I was sick, honoring my mother who took care of me through the months of recovery after and the years of having to deal with rising tide of raging hormones from my medicine not being balanced and worse, from my not having the money for my medicine for a period of time and making myself sicker. It is my honoring myself and remembering what I went through and then also honoring friends, family and even complete strangers for the journey that they have either faced or are facing now. Caregivers, patients, survivors… all of them and more… Doctors, Nurses and C.N.A.’s that took care of me though my cancer. Losing my hair, growing it back. Live through all of that. It was a transition for me and over the years, through everything I have faced, whether it was my cancer or other things in my life, I have come through stronger than I was before and I learned some hard lessons along the way. So today, I’m in a medieval dress set in Scotland. Scotland has such a rich history of ups and downs, wars and peace, but the thing that they are known for the most is their clans. Clans of families who gathered together to survive taking on the name of their leader, who in many ways, resembled a father to those under him or her. That is what Relay for Life is: A Clan of teams together under one umbrella who are gathered together in different teams to raise funds for research, programs and support. Go Relay!

MacMoragh an Gabha, Lady MacAlister of Skye

What I’m wearing:

Today, I went Scottish complete with the dark auburn hair and Tartan skirt from MacMoragh an Gabha by Fen MacMoragh who has been making kilts and weapons for Scottish rp in SL for six years now. The dresses are beautifully done with touches of authenticity that lends a realistic feel to any rp. As always, outfit and location information can be found below as well as the information for the Medieval Faire presented by Unmasking a Cure Relay For Life Team. Event begins May 19, 2017 so be sure to check it out!

Team Website:
Twitter: @unmaskingacure and @mary_teodosio
Plurk: or
Google+: mary teodosio

My Avatar:
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.7
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Coffee
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 (with Bento Hands)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR AveryElena
Shape: [ west end ] Sue Shape (Lelutka Simone Bento Head)
Skin: Default skin with Lelutka and Maitreya Bodies
Dress: MacMoragh an Gabha, Lady MacAlister of Skye (Available at UAC Medieval Faire beginning May 19, 2017)

Picture Location: The Enchanted Isle – Spring Magic. This is an adult sim that is set up for medieval and period photography needs and for romance. No sex is allowed, but nudity is okay. Blogger friendly.

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