Visiting Tombstone, Arizona

Several weeks ago, I visited Tombstone, Arizona. It was an afternoon when I had nothing to do so I gathered my Victorian costume and took off down the trail to finding Tombstone. When you land, you will need to speak to a greeter before you can go to the surface. They will ask you to read the rules and ask a few questions. Then you will be given a visiting group tag. There is a scavenger hunt around all the sims leading you around to learn about Tombstone and how the roleplay works there. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Just read the notecard, make sure you are in either western wear or you are in Victorian dress. Read all the signs, notecards and look at the pictures before heading to the surface. Also, there is a shopping center for gear, the landmark is on one of the walls. Overall, I found Tombstone to be interesting and fun to visit. It was quiet and I didn’t see many people at the times that I went, but it was a nicely done set of sims with great replicas of the real Tombstone. Here is your limo! Have fun!



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