Watercolors in the Rain: An SL Experience

Tonight I decided it was time to explore SL a little bit. I was wading through the SL Destination Guide when I came across a post about an author who recreated some of his book in SL. This was intriguing as I haven’t seen that before. It was a unique experience to see the rich, autumn colors of the sim coalesce with the imagery from his book. The book, Watercolors in the Rain by David Lavigne can be found on Amazon in either a print copy or a ebook. After seeing the sim, I’ve added this book to my “To Be Read” list, which is growing longer each day.

When you first land at the Watercolors sim, you see a sign telling you about the sim, who built it and why it exists…there’s also three statue type objects that you can choose from for various activities like the hunt or a guided tour. You can also wonder around on your own. I found the guided tour a little fast for me so I ended up wondering around just looking. There were parts of the sim that was a bit laggy also so be warned if you have an older computer system, you may experience lag in parts…especially the part with the floating fairy dust, which isn’t a particle so it can’t be turned off.

I’m hoping to go back in the future to see what I missed in this round. Below is my slideshow. Enjoy!

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