Whimsy, Beautiful and Dangerous

Snapshot_006-300x175Last week I was asked to play a guest role as a Space Pirate for a friend in one of her roleplay events for her group. Even though at the time, I didn’t really feel up to it, I did it anyway. I didn’t regret it. I had a lot of fun playing the pirate and driving her crew insane. I wasn’t sure how to play one or dress like one so I dug around in my inventory until I found something that looked reasonably rascally and up to no good by combining a bunch of gifts I got for Christmas.

The roleplay was called, Shore Leave Interrupted, and took place on Tuesday, January 12th, starting out at Whimsy and ended on board the USS Galilee. Below there are two slideshows. One for the roleplay itself, which doesn’t have many pictures because I forgot to take them. The second slideshow is pictures from the Whimsy sim when I visited it again last night after I couldn’t sleep again.

Whimsy is a sim based off the legend of Pele, the volcano Goddess in Hawaii. There are many stories about Pele that are both entertaining and scary. She is not a Goddess to mess with. Tradition has it, all volcano rock must stay on the islands. If they are removed, you will have the bad luck of pissing off Pele. For more information about her and to read stories about her go to: The Story of Pele or do a google search to read the many stories. Enjoy!

[spoiler title=’Roleplay Local Chat Log’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

[11:47] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): [11:46] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount) eyes glint with mischievous intent as she pulls out her communicator, “Computer, lock onto Captain Firelight and beam her up to the ship. Two to beam up. NOW!” Her laughter follows the beam as particles engulf her and she beams away with the captain.
[11:47] Alt Lexington: water flow
[11:47] Second Life: Teleport completed from Whimsy (69,184,40)
[11:47] emDash: Entering Heavenly Call
[11:47] emDash HUD: Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount) has entered chat range.
[11:50] Lizzy Gracemount nudges you into the room
[11:52] Teresa Firelight: ((ok people.. your co was kidnapped. Begin looking for the ship that nabbed her))
[11:52] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Sensors online
[11:52] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Scan for the reported ship
[11:53] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Where did the commodore go *asking still surprised*
[11:53] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me scans the area
[11:53] Teresa Firelight: ((looks like we lost Roy… Alt you are in command))
[11:54] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): I’m assuming command until we find the Commodore, scan for transporter signatures and trace them
[11:54] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): aye, sir
[11:54] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Scanning area but no luck so far
[11:54] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): They maybe cloaked
[11:55] Peter (paradoxfantoom): /me look into the scanner readings too. “scanning for commodore Firelight on the planet”
[11:55] Teresa Firelight struggles against her captor. “What the?? who are you and why have you abducted me?”
[11:55] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Roy try to hail the Commodore
[11:55] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Hopp!
[11:56] Lizzy Gracemount nudges the commodore, “Get in there.”
[11:56] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): =A=Neximus to Firelight: Where are you located, Ma’am?=A+
[11:56] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Pilot begin a search pattern to maximise our sensor scans
[11:56] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Sir, I see a ship trying to hide behind the moon
[11:56] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): enhancing space scan
[11:57] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): scan it for the commodores comm badge
[11:57] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Yes, Commander
[11:57] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): put that ship on screen
[11:57] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): there it is
[11:57] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Looking for her biosigns now. It looks I got something. Its very weak
[11:57] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): recomend yellow alert
[11:57] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): is it her
[11:57] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): I’m sorry, sir. Her commadge has been neutralized
[11:57] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): yes go to yellow alert
[11:58] Lizzy Gracemount takes off the commodores combadge as she pushes her into the room, stomps on it, “Hurry up, don’t have all day.” motions with her pistol.
[11:58] Teresa Firelight: let go of me!
[11:58] Teresa Firelight: what are you doing???
[11:58] Lizzy Gracemount: No…get in there.
[11:58] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): can we get a tractor lock on that ship
[11:58] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Scanning the ship
[11:58] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): lets talk to them first Sir
[11:58] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): It appears to be warship of some kind
[11:58] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): otherwise we could be considered as aggressors
[11:59] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): open hailing frequencies
[11:59] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): hailing frequencies open
[11:59] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Lex to unknown ship, please respond=/=
[12:00] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): hwo sure are we that this ship has the Commodore
[12:00] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Doctor?
[12:01] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): The ship is trying to jam our sensors, sir
[12:01] Peter (paradoxfantoom): For a moment I saw Commodore Firelight’s biosigns
[12:01] Teresa Firelight: ((guys you won’t be able to get a tractor lock on it, and the ship is hard to scan because there is a dampening field on the upper deck))
[12:01] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me fingers fly over the keys, blocking the attempts to lock on.
[12:01] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): suggestions ?
[12:01] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me scans the ship
[12:01] Peter (paradoxfantoom): The readings came not in the direction from the planet, but from the moon
[12:01] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): this ship is hard to deal with it
[12:01] Teresa Firelight: (( you will be able to figure out the frequency of the shields at the weakest point .. their shuttlebay.. and beam through.. I will send each of you a LM — but don’t use the LM til Alt says to beam over))
[12:02] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Sir, I detect a dampening field on the ship
[12:02] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we need to find a weak point to scan through
[12:02] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): ?me searches for weak points on the ship
[12:02] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Aye sir, working on it
[12:02] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me scans the ship for any weak points
[12:03] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): establishing a datalink to Ms Falconer’s console
[12:03] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me is scanning the other ship’s shields
[12:03] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Mr Neximus ready transporters, once a weakness is found I want to board that ship
[12:03] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): aye
[12:04] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Bah! There is a weak point in the shield frequency!
[12:04] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): can you match transporters to that frequency
[12:04] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): =A=ensign Court, have the transports ready=A=
[12:04] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): It’s their shuttle bay, sir
[12:04] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me tries to shore up her shields, soft laughter shaking her body and an grin on her face
[12:05] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Got the frequency, transmitting it to Ops and Tactical
[12:05] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): great, lock it in and lets get over there
[12:05] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): assemble in the transporter room
[12:06] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): bring weapons
[12:06] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Commander Lexington, I will use my tricorder first, but if we have to fight, then I cut through the other crew to get our Commodore back!
[12:06] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we will want prisoners more than revenge
[12:07] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): lets beam over there now
[12:07] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Don’t worry, sir we’ll take them
[12:08] Vivien Falconer: We are in
[12:08] Alt Lexington: scan for the commodore
[12:08] Vivien Falconer grabs her tricorder and begins scanning
[12:08] Alt Lexington: ready weapons
[12:08] Alt Lexington: but hold fire
[12:08] Lizzy Gracemount locks the door from the intruders, “Who are you and why are you on my ship?”
[12:09] PARadoxFantoom: Hm, where are we ?
[12:09] Vivien Falconer: Scans show that the doors are locked, sir
[12:09] Lizzy Gracemount: You heard me, intruder?
[12:09] Vivien Falconer: looking for the Commodore’s lifesign
[12:09] Alt Lexington: Our Commodore was just kidnapped and the trail leads here, why did you abduct our Commodore
[12:09] PARadoxFantoom: *scanning around*
[12:09] Lizzy Gracemount: Commodore? What’s a Commodore?
[12:09] Alt Lexington: our leader
[12:09] Vivien Falconer: Doctor, what do you have?
[12:10] Lizzy Gracemount: Why have you invaded my ship?
[12:10] Vivien Falconer: I have a faint human lifesign!
[12:10] PARadoxFantoom: She is not so very far from us, Miss Vivien
[12:10] Alt Lexington: we wish to search it for her
[12:10] Lizzy Gracemount: Well, yes, you have faint human lifesigns, I’m right here
[12:10] PARadoxFantoom: I think there was one way to lead us to the commodore
[12:11] Lizzy Gracemount looks down at her body, “So, who the hell are you and why are you on my ship?”
[12:12] Alt Lexington: I am Commander Alt Lexington of the USS Galilee, we have detected human lifesigns on this ship and we want to search for that lifesign, you have our Commodore and we will get her back
[12:12] Lizzy Gracemount: So you think you have rights to invade my ship?
[12:12] Alt Lexington takes a very strong stance
[12:12] Lizzy Gracemount moves to a console and puts up a forcefield around the transporter room.
[12:13] Vivien Falconer: Force field detected, sir
[12:13] Alt Lexington: If you have nothing to hide then you wouldn’t object to a search
[12:13] PARadoxFantoom: Excuse me ? Do you kidnap crew members from our ship ?
[12:13] PARadoxFantoom: The commodore perhaps needs medical attention. And she has right on that.
[12:13] Teresa Firelight: ((by the way to open the door, just touch it))
[12:14] Vivien Falconer: ((No, it’s closed, we should override it somehow))
[12:14] Alt Lexington: your force fields are no match for a well trained starfleet officer
[12:14] PARadoxFantoom: After you Mr Royaaron
[12:14] Lizzy Gracemount: How arrogant. Maybe I should go visit your ship.
[12:14] Alt Lexington: I will ask again, where is our Commodore
[12:15] Alt Lexington: I remind you, our ship outguns yours
[12:15] Lizzy Gracemount: I remind you, you are on my ship, not yours, rude man.
[12:15] Lizzy Gracemount: Invading my home.
[12:15] Lizzy Gracemount: What do you want?
[12:16] Alt Lexington: we intent to search this ship with or without your cooperation
[12:16] Royaaron Neximus lower down his weapon and approaches the woman
[12:16] Royaaron Neximus: Miss…
[12:16] Vivien Falconer: Q’apla
[12:17] Royaaron Neximus: allow me to try Mr. Lexington
[12:17] PARadoxFantoom: I got evidence that our commodore is on board of this ship, Miss
[12:17] Alt Lexington is determined to get the Commodore back even if it means blowing hole into this ship and facing a court marshall
[12:18] Vivien Falconer: You are the Captain of this ship, right?
[12:18] Lizzy Gracemount points her rifle at the man in yellow, and pulls the trigger, “How’s that again?” it jams so she drops down into a fighting stance and beats him over the head with it.
[12:18] Alt Lexington: give it a shot before I loose my patience
[12:18] Royaaron Neximus: We have lost our Commodore moments ago
[12:18] Lizzy Gracemount: I’ve already lost my patience, rude man
[12:18] Royaaron Neximus: sets his rifle in stun mode and fires
[12:18] Alt Lexington: Shoot Her
[12:18] Alt Lexington: take her prisoner
[12:19] Royaaron Neximus: grab her Ms Falconer
[12:19] Alt Lexington: doctor get me on my feet, we don’t have much time, the Commodore needs us
[12:19] Lizzy Gracemount: This is my ship, intruder. Computer, lock transporter beams on the intruders and beam them back to their ship
[12:20] Alt Lexington: Vivien scatter the transport of this primitive ship
[12:20] Vivien Falconer grabs the woman
[12:21] Royaaron Neximus gets some cables and helps Ms Falconer tie the angry woman
[12:21] Alt Lexington: finally, do we have a lock on the Human lifesign
[12:21] Royaaron Neximus: draw
[12:21] Vivien Falconer pulls out her tricorder and with her left hand begins tapping it and scattering the transport. +Done, sir.”
[12:22] Vivien Falconer puts away her tricorder and holds onto the woman. “You are now our prisoner.”
[12:22] Lizzy Gracemount calls out to the computer, seal this room, calls out her security code
[12:22] Vivien Falconer: Follow the commands of Commander Lexington and you will be fine
[12:23] Vivien Falconer: He is asking you nicely for the first time
[12:23] Royaaron Neximus: tickles the angry woman ear
[12:23] PARadoxFantoom: Give us our commodore back and we might be able to talk about your freedom, miss
[12:24] Alt Lexington stands back and cools his head letting his crew do the nice cop thing
[12:24] Vivien Falconer: We know that you kidnapped her, you are the only ship in the area.
[12:24] Vivien Falconer: Where is she?
[12:25] Lizzy Gracemount narrows her eyes and puts down her gun, “Fine, search the ship. You’re not going to find any commodore here.” calls out to her computer, “Computer, lock down the upper deck, lower forcefield.” Turns back to the rude man, “Fine, you can search the decks, but the upperdeck needs to be left alone. You can blow up the ship if you mess with anything up there.”
[12:25] Alt Lexington: now that this women is secure maybe we can search the ship, begin a systematic search, lets follow the tricorder
[12:25] Royaaron Neximus: I stay with her
[12:25] Alt Lexington: this way I believe
[12:25] PARadoxFantoom: All right commodore
[12:26] Royaaron Neximus: guarding her
[12:26] Vivien Falconer: Just call me if you need help
[12:26] Royaaron Neximus: sure
[12:26] PARadoxFantoom: nothing here
[12:26] Royaaron Neximus: how come a beautiful lady like you ended up doing this thing, Miss?
[12:26] Lizzy Gracemount: ((I need to afk for a few minutes. Keep looking around))
[12:27] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me begins looking for the Commodore
[12:27] Alt Lexington: there an upper deck this way
[12:27] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Not anything here
[12:27] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Well then going up here
[12:28] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Bridge is empty
[12:28] Peter (paradoxfantoom): scanners are cold
[12:28] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): that women, I pushed her very hard, I hope I didn’t go over the top with the intimidation
[12:29] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Don’t worry about that commander
[12:29] Vivien Falconer: =^=Lt Falconer to Commander Lexington, I found the cargo bay, but it’s clear. =^=
[12:29] Lizzy Gracemount: ((Back.))
[12:29] Vivien Falconer scans the crates
[12:29] Lizzy Gracemount: You were told to stay off the upper deck. You’re going to blow up the ship
[12:29] Vivien Falconer: ((wb))
[12:29] Royaaron Neximus: how come a beauty like you ended up this way, MIss?
[12:30] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Didnt that women give a command about the upper deck
[12:30] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Its very rude to kidnap our commodore. On our ship or not. That doesn’t matter. Who does she think she is ? The queen *chuckles*
[12:30] Lizzy Gracemount: growls at being called a “beauty”
[12:30] Lizzy Gracemount: Who says I kidnapped her?
[12:30] Royaaron Neximus: did I say something wrong?
[12:30] Royaaron Neximus: I didnt say so but evidence pointing your ship told us so
[12:31] PARadoxFantoom: Interesting room. Nothing to see
[12:31] Vivien Falconer: hohooo, large contraband of dark chocolates!!!!
[12:31] Royaaron Neximus: would you be kind of helping us out?
[12:31] Royaaron Neximus: we mean no harm
[12:31] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): /me feels the preasure of command, loosing a Commodroe on his watch wont go down well
[12:31] Royaaron Neximus: we are explorers
[12:31] PARadoxFantoom: Where ? *runs to Vvien*
[12:32] Alt Lexington: I believe I’ve found access to an upper deck
[12:32] PARadoxFantoom: I can make an excellent chocolate cake
[12:32] Vivien Falconer: In the cargo bay Doc
[12:32] Royaaron Neximus: perhaps we can benefit from each other help
[12:32] PARadoxFantoom: This looks a cargobay. No living cargo
[12:32] Royaaron Neximus: Miss Ladfall? is that your name?
[12:32] Vivien Falconer: ((Then you will make our wedding cake 😀 ))
[12:33] Alt Lexington: =/=the upper deck is blocked by a force field=/=
[12:33] Vivien Falconer: No, Doc, no living
[12:33] Vivien Falconer: just usual stuff
[12:33] Vivien Falconer: and a large crate of chocolate
[12:33] Royaaron Neximus: is there something we can help you with?
[12:34] Vivien Falconer: Okay, let”
[12:34] PARadoxFantoom: (( Lol viven ))
[12:34] Vivien Falconer: ‘s see what we can find
[12:34] PARadoxFantoom: Here a sickbay
[12:34] PARadoxFantoom: Its very old fashioned
[12:35] Vivien Falconer: =^= Lt Falconer to Commander Lexington, I have found the warp core I think. =^=
[12:35] Vivien Falconer: Yes, this is it
[12:35] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Can you shut it down, it may release the force feild on the upper deck=/=
[12:35] Peter (paradoxfantoom): So, where did she hide commodore Firelight ?
[12:36] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): Do you people not listen?
[12:36] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): she managed to escape!
[12:36] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): I told you not to go to the upperdeck or you’ll blow up the ship or damage the cargo
[12:36] Vivien Falconer: =^= I don’t think I can, I’m not an engineer
[12:37] Teresa Firelight: ((roy is a tactical/security officer. He may know a thing or two about force fields))
[12:37] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): hmmm, another warp core?
[12:37] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): We have searched all the ship except the upper deck, Roy see if you can disable the upper deck force field
[12:37] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): sure
[12:38] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Sir, the ship has 2 warp cores
[12:38] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): dual cores, interesting.
[12:38] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me looks at the people on her ship, “Computer, lock down the upper deck and secure all cargo.”
[12:38] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me sits at the console and tries to break down the codes
[12:38] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Indeed, but I rather not to mess with them
[12:38] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Why dont you want us to go to your upper deck ?
[12:39] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): I told you already, if you took the time to listen.
[12:39] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): I bet our Commodore is on this ship
[12:39] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): I’m listening, speak
[12:39] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): The cargo on the upperdeck is delicate and you and your bumbling hands will damage it.
[12:39] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): what if we promise not to mess with your cargo and just look around only
[12:39] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): this is a bit hard, well encrypted
[12:40] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): And do you have a living cargo?
[12:40] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): ((Sorry, I’m having fun with this. lol grins))
[12:40] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): I have chemicals that if they interact could possibly blow up the ship.
[12:40] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Our commodore it very precious. I don’t think you understand really how precious, Miss
[12:40] Peter (paradoxfantoom): *precious
[12:41] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we are not interested in chemicals only in seeing if you have our Commodroe or not
[12:41] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): ((Our Precious 🙂 ))
[12:41] Peter (paradoxfantoom): (( grins ))
[12:41] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Then why do I detect a human lifesign above us?
[12:42] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Doctor, do you read the same?
[12:42] Peter (paradoxfantoom): I don’t want to suggest to blow up your ship. But how much worth is your cargo ?
[12:42] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Captain, I suppose you have that chemical cargo contained well
[12:42] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Miss Kidnapper
[12:42] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Let me see, Miss Falconer
[12:43] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): My cargo is worth more than all of your lives put together. *grins evilly*
[12:43] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Maybe we do see the same thing, Miss Falconer
[12:43] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Oh and what can you tell us about a large contraband in your lower cargo bay. Dark chocolate exactly.
[12:44] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): Commander, her force fields have a variable frequency that adjust with a high rate I am working on a rather simplest solution
[12:44] Peter (paradoxfantoom): Your ship fits in one of our cargo bays. We can demolish it easy and safe. We certainly will find our commodore
[12:45] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): Oh that. That’s the darkest, most luscious chocolate from Risa and the best delicacies from Betazed. Traveled far to get here. It is for the Queen of K’Tharian.
[12:45] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): lets see if my guess is right
[12:45] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): its clear from your actions that you have our Commodore and are carrying illegal cargo, maybe we should have our ship transmit what we know about you on an open frequency, maybe the authorities around here will take an interest
[12:45] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): That is not clear. You invaded my ship, my reaction is pretty logical.
[12:45] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): or maybe rival criminals
[12:46] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me leans at the console and opens a panel, then pulls out a couple of wires and VOILA!!!
[12:46] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): and it’s off now
[12:46] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): lower the force field and let us search, or I will give the order to transmit your location to all who wish to know
[12:46] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): You just started the self destruct.
[12:46] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Sir, force fields are down
[12:46] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): YOu better fix that console
[12:46] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): lets go look for the Commodore
[12:46] Peter (paradoxfantoom): ok
[12:46] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Self destruction?
[12:46] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): Did you not hear me?
[12:47] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): fix the console you just broke. You started the self destruct
[12:47] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): ((what now?))
[12:47] PARadoxFantoom: I think she has no hurry to leave her precious cargo
[12:47] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me scans the console
[12:47] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): You pulled the wires, you started the self destruct
[12:48] PARadoxFantoom: nothing there
[12:48] Alt Lexington: Roy watch that women, Vivien and Peter find the commodore, I will deal with the destruct
[12:48] Vivien Falconer: Yes, sir
[12:48] Vivien Falconer scans the cabins “Nothing here”
[12:49] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): If I carnt shut down this destruct then you will be brought back to our brig for further question
[12:49] PARadoxFantoom whispers: I think I found the kitchen. I think I am getting hungry
[12:49] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): You’ll owe me your lives if you don’t save my ship, invaders
[12:49] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): Don’t eat my dinner.
[12:49] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): you are in now position to bargin
[12:49] PARadoxFantoom: *smirks*
[12:49] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): we’ll all be dead by then
[12:50] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): if we carnt shut down the destruct we can just hafve our ship beam all lifesigns off this ship
[12:50] PARadoxFantoom: UNusual readings
[12:50] Vivien Falconer: ah toilet
[12:50] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we may even save the cargo as well
[12:50] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): If you use it, you better flush!
[12:50] PARadoxFantoom: Yes, old.
[12:50] Vivien Falconer: and the flammable chemicals
[12:50] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): it depends on you
[12:51] PARadoxFantoom: I am curious what is in this cargobox ?
[12:51] Vivien Falconer drops a cable in the toilet, but leaves it there
[12:51] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): What depends on me? I don’t have your “commodore”
[12:51] Vivien Falconer: hmmm, a strange crate
[12:52] Vivien Falconer: Oh, interesting
[12:52] PARadoxFantoom: What does the panel say exactly, Miss Falconer ?
[12:52] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): did you fix my ship yet, Invader Destroyer”
[12:52] Vivien Falconer: It’s blocking my scans
[12:52] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): gets closer to the woman and pinches her ears
[12:52] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): then its a game of chicken, who will flinch first before the ship explodes and the cargo is lost and you end up in our brig
[12:53] Vivien Falconer scans the panel
[12:53] PARadoxFantoom: My readings are very strange. Can there a someone in here ?
[12:53] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): but if we find our commodore before all of this we may go easy on you
[12:53] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me moves away from teh man pinching her ears, “What the…?”
[12:53] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me grabs the woman by her left arm
[12:53] Vivien Falconer: Doctor, the human lifesign I detected earlier was coming from this area
[12:53] Vivien Falconer: But this crate is blocking my scans
[12:53] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me pulls her arm away
[12:54] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): /me looks down at the prisoner stern eyes “Your just lucky Starfleet doesnt allow me to torture you”
[12:54] PARadoxFantoom: We must get to open this
[12:54] Vivien Falconer checks the panel “We need an opsofficer for this”
[12:54] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): Oh I’m so scared. *fakes a shiver*
[12:55] Vivien Falconer: but, wait, I think I found the opening mechanism
[12:55] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): but then if we loose our commodore starfleet reaction may be just as bad for me, so I’ll have nothing to loose
[12:55] PARadoxFantoom tries something on the panel
[12:55] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): perhaps a kiss will make her talk Sir
[12:55] Vivien Falconer: ((format C: Doc ))
[12:56] PARadoxFantoom: Well we should open this
[12:56] PARadoxFantoom: (( No, its linux grins ))
[12:56] Vivien Falconer: Doctor, this is a medical panel!
[12:56] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): You don’t scare me, little man. I’ve been through worse than waht starfleet can ever do to me
[12:56] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): if my people find our commodore before you flinch then you will regret this day for the rest of your life
[12:57] PARadoxFantoom: Yes, my scanner says something like that. Its very old. They didn’t know much
[12:57] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me steps away from the man trying to hold her arm, “You’re not putting your lips on me, sir!”
[12:57] PARadoxFantoom: Its a cryo crate
[12:57] Vivien Falconer presses some buttons on the panel
[12:57] PARadoxFantoom: Let me see if I can it open
[12:57] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): you’re so tough, little man. *fakes another shiver*
[12:58] PARadoxFantoom: “Ok” pressiing some buttons on the panel
[12:58] Vivien Falconer hears some mechanism
[12:58] Teresa Firelight is unconscious and her bio signs are unstable.
[12:58] Vivien Falconer: Doctor! It’s her!
[12:58] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): well it seems no kissing is needed
[12:58] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): this ship we blow very soon if I’m right, time to start talking, last chance
[12:58] Vivien Falconer: Quickly check her
[12:58] PARadoxFantoom: Yes, we found the commodore.
[12:58] PARadoxFantoom: But this looks very bad
[12:59] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): may I order a brig to be ready for our beautiful kidnapper SIr?
[12:59] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me looks down at her boot, a slow smirk on her face, and says, “Damn”
[12:59] PARadoxFantoom: she is in suspended animation
[12:59] Vivien Falconer: =^= Falconer to Lex, We have her, She is unconscious, the Doctor is checking her. She is in a cryo crate. =^=
[12:59] PARadoxFantoom: I got to get her to sickbay at once before her body degrades to far
[12:59] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): yes ready the brig
[12:59] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): aye
[12:59] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Good Work, can she be transported
[13:00] Vivien Falconer: Doctor?
[13:00] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): =A=Neximus to Lt. Corso, ready a brig cell for direct transport of a prisoner, maximum security settings=A=
[13:00] PARadoxFantoom: Yes ?
[13:00] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Captain Landfall, you just lost, I hope you have a good defense for your actions here today
[13:00] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me surpenditiously adjusts the transport inhibitor under her sleeve, and grins at the invader
[13:00] Vivien Falconer: Can we beam her back to Galilee?
[13:00] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): stop her
[13:01] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 2cc’s of Asinolyathin
[13:01] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me grabs the prisoner arms and detects a device on her, removing it as she is cuffed and ready for transport
[13:01] Teresa Firelight moans softly but does not gain consciousness
[13:01] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 5cc’s of Alkysine
[13:02] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): beam her to our brig now
[13:02] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we’ll interigate her later
[13:02] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 10cc’s of Lectrazine
[13:02] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): aye
[13:02] PARadoxFantoom: I first give her some injections to stabilize her
[13:02] PARadoxFantoom: Gave her three injections
[13:02] Vivien Falconer: =^= She is ready to beamed over to our sickbay. =^=
[13:02] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): /me shuffles her boots and kicks the man holding her in the shin, then pulls her head back and tries to hit him in the forehead with the back of her head, struggles to pull away, activating the transporter inhibitor in her boot, “not gonna get me.”
[13:02] PARadoxFantoom: she is ready for transport
[13:03] Vivien Falconer: I hear a fighting Doc
[13:03] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Beam the commodore to safety
[13:03] Vivien Falconer: Maybe I shall assist Mr.Neximus
[13:03] Teresa Firelight: ((let me know when I am beamed to sickbay and I will TP over there))
[13:03] PARadoxFantoom: =^= Galilee get a lock on me and the commodore and transport us to sickbay =^=
[13:03] Vivien Falconer: =^= Lt Falconer to Galilee, Please beam the Doctor and Commodore Firelight to sockbay, now. =^=
[13:04] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Lex to Galilee beam the Doctor and the Commodore to sickbay, beam roy and our prisoner to the brig, beam me and Vivien back to the bridge
[13:04] PARadoxFantoom: (( now lol ))
[13:04] [Bridge]: =^= ready to beam. Energizing now =^=
[13:05] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me hits the prisoner head with his phaser and checks her for further devices findind one more under his boot
[13:05] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): status of that ship
[13:05] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): We got her back Commander
[13:05] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): we did, but it was to close
[13:05] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): ((is it going to explode? ))
[13:05] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Helm set course away from that ship, beam its cargo to our bay
[13:05] Royaaron Neximus (royaaron.neximus): /me twists the prisoner arms and get on top of her on the floor : two to beam to the brig!!!
[13:06] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me beams the cargo “Cargo secured, sir.”
[13:06] PARadoxFantoom: The commodore is still in suspended animation. I must get her out of that before degrading completely
[13:06] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 2cc’s of Sonambutril
[13:06] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): very good, lets get out of the blast radious
[13:06] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me takes the helm “I think this button is it.”
[13:06] Teresa Firelight ‘s vital signs begin to stabilize a bit
[13:06] PARadoxFantoom: *giving injections to stop the proces*
[13:07] Lizzy Landfall (lizzy.gracemount): ((LOL I’m still here. ))
[13:07] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 5cc’s of Serotonin
[13:07] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): =/=Lex to Roy, is the prisoner secured in the Brig=/=
[13:07] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): /me sets a course and accelerates to full impulse “We are gaining distance, sir!”
[13:07] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 2cc’s of Leporazine
[13:07] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 5cc’s of Tryptophan Lysine Distillate
[13:08] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): ((Roy, TP Lizzy))
[13:08] Royaaron Neximus pushes the prisoner into the cell
[13:08] PARadoxFantoom: Biosigns getting more stable. the degrading process is being stopped
[13:08] Royaaron Neximus and activates the force field
[13:08] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): We are now at safe distance
[13:08] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 5cc’s of Serotonin
[13:08] Alt Lexington (alt.lexington): Once we are all secured we can go to sickbay and check on our commodores condition
[13:08] Vivien Falconer (vivien.falconer): Yes, sir
[13:08] Royaaron Neximus: now you are my guest, please feel comfy in there
[13:09] PARadoxFantoom: Trying to balance the hormones level now to normal levels
[13:09] Mesh Hypospray with Med (SCRIPTED): Injecting Patient with 2.5cc’s of Morphenolog
[13:09] Royaaron Neximus: =A=Neximus to Lexington: the prisoner is on the brig=A=

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